Google Sheets

How to add or change the currency in Google Sheets

Many people use spreadsheets to record financial transactions. When entering numbers into a spreadsheet, by default, you’ll not see a currency. Instead, the numbers are entered without any association to a specific currency. In this article, you’ll find out how to add a currency to a range of cells. You’ll also find out how to … Read more

How to add or remove decimal places in Google Sheets

When you open a new spreadsheet in Google Sheets you’ll notice the numbers are formatted in a particular way. This is fine if you’re working on a basic spreadsheet and you want some quick results. However, there will be a time when you need to format the numbers to suit your project. This article looks … Read more

The Complete Guide to Google Sheets

The complete guide to Google Sheets

Google Sheets is the free spreadsheet program available to everyone. Whether you use a Chromebook, Windows PC or Apple Mac you can access Google Sheets from the Chrome web browser. All you need is a Google Account and you’re good to go. This complete guide is currently a work in progress and you’ll find more … Read more

How to do a vlookup in Google Sheets

select the range to vlookup

One of the most popular and powerful options in Google Sheets is the vlookup function. This powerful yet simple function allows you to do so much when using a spreadsheet. Learning how to do a vlookup may appear difficult at first. However, once you have got used to how it works you will have no … Read more

How to use Conditional Formatting in Google Sheets

How to use conditional formatting in Google Sheets

Conditional formatting is a really useful tool as it allows you to immediately analyse data with visuals. When you have lots of data on a spreadsheet it can easily become a sheet of noise. Conditional formatting in Google Sheets helps you to make certain data highlighted, so you can easily see the data you need … Read more