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Lenovo launches three new S340 Chromebooks

It appears Lenovo is getting more involved with Chromebooks recently. There is now a selection of Lenovo models to choose from and they are pretty decent devices. However, Lenovo has not stopped there because they have released a brand new range of Chromebooks. They have released three new ...

HP launch Chromebook with separate number pad

Chromebooks have come a long way but what we've not seen is a device that comes with a separate number pad. However, that has all changed with the launch of the HP Chromebook 15. It's not currently available in the UK but if you live in the USA you can get your hands on one right now. It's good ...

Where would we be without the Chromebook?

It's been a long time since I've written an article about just how great the Chromebook is. The main reason for deciding to write this article was that I've been using my Microsoft Windows computer over the last few days. Oh my, I really had forgotten just how awful an experience it really is. ...

Great Chromebook deals for Amazon Prime members

We all love a great bargain especially when it involves getting your hands on a Chromebook at a much cheaper price than it normally retails. For the next two days, Amazon Prime members can get their hands on a new Chromebook at massively reduced prices. So if you've been thinking about buying a ...