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Virtual Desktops are coming to the Chromebook

The news that Virtual Desktops are coming to the Chromebook has now been confirmed. Virtual Desktops allows you to have more than one desktop open at the same time and can help with multitasking. Do not get too excited though as they are not available on the Chromebook until the launch of Chrome OS 76. … Read more

Google Pixelbook has set the new standard for Chromebooks

Google Pixelbook changed the Chromebook for the better

It’s hard to believe the Google Pixelbook was only launched in October 2017. Before the launch of the Pixelbook the Chromebook market had gone flat. However, the launch of the Pixelbook set the new standard and since then we’ve seen some pretty decent Chromebooks come onto the scene. Before the launch of the Pixelbook, we … Read more

Hybrid Chromebooks are the new standard

Pixel launches always got us excited when it came to Chromebooks

You may have noticed that the Chromebook has changed considerably over the last couple of years. The launch of Android Apps has changed how manufacturers now look at Chromebooks. The original Chromebook, which was in laptop form is now a thing of the past. You can still get Chromebooks that are traditional laptops, but they … Read more