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Windows Apps are coming to the Chromebook

Anyone who uses a Chromebook will love how they work. They're the most secure, fast and easy to use laptops you can buy in 2020. They got even better a few years ago when Google announced Android Apps were coming to Chrome OS. I think I can safely say the majority of people reading this would ...

Lenovo now a serious Chromebook manufacturer

Take a look back at some of the manufacturers that were making Chromebooks in 2011. Some are still in the game, which is great to see such as HP. While we've seen others sadly leave the laptop market altogether like Toshiba. There are other manufacturers who have invested a lot of time and ...

Asus C214 Chromebook Flip is one tough laptop

The great thing about Chromebooks that come with an 11.6-inch display is that they are perfect for travelling. This is one of the reasons why these laptops generally do really well. They are also perfect for the education sector as well because children don't really want to be carrying around a ...

How much should you spend on a Chromebook?

The Chromebook computer success comes from it offering excellent value for money. When they were originally launched you could get your hands on one for £250/$250. You can still buy a Chromebook today for roughly the same price. You'll also find a lot of devices cost a lot more than this. So ...