Android 13 will be arriving on your Chromebook soon

Android 13 coming to the Chromebook

A few years ago it was impossible to run Android apps on a ChromeOS computer. That may sound shocking if you’ve only been using a Chromebook in the last couple of years. This is because all Chromebooks sold today come with Android app capability as standard. This wasn’t always the case, and there is no … Read more

A better image editor for your Chromebook and it is free to use

A free image editor for the Chromebook and how to use it

The built-in ChromeOS image editor is great if you don’t need to do much editing of your images. After all, it’s free to use and comes as standard on all Chromebooks. It’s also been improved and will continually be improved by the ChromeOS team. That being said, it’s pretty limited, so you may need more … Read more