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Asus to launch 17.3-inch Chromebook

Asus to release a 17.3-inch Chromebook

When you think about a Chromebook you tend to think about a traditional type of laptop. By that, I mean a laptop with a 14-inch display. This is by far the most common display size for laptops we’ve seen over the past ten years. You do get Chromebooks with smaller displays than this, which are … Read more

Is it safe to use your Chromebook after the AUE date?

is it safe to use your Chromebook after AUE Date

If you own a Chromebook or are considering buying a Chromebook you may already know about the AUE date. This stands for Automatic Update Expiry Date. All Chromebooks come with an AUE date. I’ve deliberately kept my Toshiba Chromebook 2 to see what happens once the AUE date has expired. Yes, the AUE Date for … Read more

Children will be taught how to make games for the Chromebook

Education sector will get tools to help children make games on chromebook

Before the Chromebook was released most of the education sector in the USA and UK were dominated by Apple. The children were using Apple iPad devices for education, which wasn’t the best way to teach children. Although tablets are great, they can never replace a computer, which offers many more benefits. The Apple iPad was … Read more

Chromebooks to get Android 11 update throughout 2021

Chromebooks to get Android 11 update throughout 2021

When Android was released on Chromebooks it was a complete game-changer. Having access to thousands of apps for entertainment and to help with work is a great benefit. This is also one of the reasons why Chromebook sales soared since Chrome OS and Android came together. Google confirmed in I/O 2021 that Android continues to … Read more