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Are budget Chromebooks still worth buying?

When the Chromebook was originally launched in 2011 it was met with a lot of criticism. This took a couple of years to remedy and thankfully Chromebooks now get the attention they deserve. What made Chromebooks so attractive back then was the price, but are budget Chromebooks still worth buying ...

The Chromebook now has its own Android Apps area

The launch of Android Apps on the Chromebook was the best news Chromebook owners had in the last couple of years. It's fair to say the rollout to older machines has been a little slow. However, if you do have access to Android Apps I'm sure you've been busy looking at the thousands of Apps ...

The Chromebox now comes with Android Apps

It's great to see the Chromebox now comes with Android Apps. It's been a long time coming for the Chromebox to get an upgrade and these latest models are definitely worth considering. If you already own a Chromebox then you'll know just how good they are. They are exactly the same as the ...