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Great Chromebook deals for Amazon Prime members

We all love a great bargain especially when it involves getting your hands on a Chromebook at a much cheaper price than it normally retails. For the next two days, Amazon Prime members can get their hands on a new Chromebook at massively reduced prices. So if you've been thinking about buying a ...

Will mobile phones eventually run on Chrome OS?

A few years ago with the launch of Android Apps on the Chromebook, there was concern over what would happen next. This was mainly due to how Android Apps were mainly aimed at mobile phones, so they were limited in their functionality when using on a Chromebook. At the time nobody really knew ...

Why Chromebooks are getting more expensive

The Chromebook was traditionally known as a laptop that cost a lot less than a laptop running on Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac. The relatively cheap cost of buying a Chromebook also played a big part in its success in the early years. So why are Chromebooks getting more expensive and will this ...

Is Windows Lite a threat to the Chromebook?

Microsoft has been working on Windows Lite for some time now. Should Google be afraid of Windows Lite and the impact it could have on Chrome OS and the Chromebook? The Chromebook had a slow start. In the early years, it was unsure whether Chrome OS and the Chromebook would succeed. However, ...

Virtual Desktops are coming to the Chromebook

The news that Virtual Desktops are coming to the Chromebook has now been confirmed. Virtual Desktops allows you to have more than one desktop open at the same time and can help with multitasking. Do not get too excited though as they are not available on the Chromebook until the launch of ...