Chromebook X to make premium devices more recognisable

Consumers will find it easier buying the right Chromebook thanks to Chromebook Plus

When it comes to buying a new Chromebook it’s a lot easier compared to purchasing a new Windows PC. If you’re tech-savvy and understand what you’re looking for you can take a look at the specs. Checking the type of processor, RAM, storage and whether it comes with a Graphics card will generally be enough … Read more

Microsoft 365 family plan is perfect for all computer users

Microsoft 365 Family Plan perfect for the whole family no matter what type of computer they use

Over the last few months, I’ve been writing a few blogs and posting plenty of videos about Microsoft 365. The main reason is to highlight that Chromebook users are not limited to using Google Docs for productivity. Don’t get me wrong Google Docs is great and is integrated into ChromeOS, which makes using it seamless. … Read more