Top Ten Chromebooks 2020
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Has the Chromebook finally hit the mainstream

The Chromebook had a very sketchy start when it was launched back in 2011. Early enthusiasts saw the huge benefits and were not put off by some of the negative comments and reviews of the time. I've touched on this before and all the negative comments at the time were from people who were not ...

It’s time to say goodbye to Google Music

I've been using Google Play Music for many years so it's sad to have to say goodbye. I've used it to stream music on the move and cast music directly to my amplifier. I also use it when I want to listen to some music while at my desk. The main attraction of Google Music when first launched was ...

Acer to release a new Chromebox the CXI4 in 2021

When it comes to Chrome OS the Chromebook, which is essentially a laptop running the operating system gets most of the attention. However, I've long been a fan of the Chromebox, which is a desktop computer running Chrome OS. The Chromebox has been around for many years, but they were pretty ...

The Chromebook is to get a trash folder

At the moment if you delete files you have stored locally on your Chromebook you have no way of getting them back in an emergency. This is a problem if you save important files locally because if you make a mistake by deleting the wrong file you've lost all your hard work. Chrome OS will soon ...