Acer Chromebox CXI5 and Add-In-One 24-inch display

Acer Add-In-One 24 display and Chromebox CXI5

I’ve owned my Asus Chromebox 3 for a few years now and use it almost every day. I’ve also owned plenty of Chromebooks during this time, and I’m currently using the Pixelbook Go and the Asus CX5 Chromebook. Although I love Chromebooks I could not do without my Chromebox because it gives you more flexibility. … Read more

Free Samsung 4 Chromebook with Tesco Mobile

Free Samsung 4 Chromebook with Tesco Mobile

Are you looking for an upgrade for your Android phone? If so, you may be interested in this latest deal from Tesco Mobile. You can currently get your hands on a Samsung Galaxy A13 Android phone and as part of the deal get a free Samsung Chromebook 4. You can either choose a pay-as-you-go contract … Read more