How to install Linux on your Chromebook

How to install Linux on Chrome OS

Installing Linux on Chrome OS gives you many new features that you’ll simply not want to do without. When you install Linux you’re opening up your computer to many Linux programs. There are a huge number of programs available, and the best thing is most of them are free to use. To install Linux your … Read more

How to install Microsoft Edge on a Chromebook

How to install the Microsoft Edge browser on your Chromebook

The Chromebook uses Chrome OS, which is an operating system designed and maintained by Google. It’s super-fast, secure, and easy to use. Chrome OS comes with the Chrome Browser installed as standard. This has been the case for many years now. However, you can now install Microsoft Edge on your Chromebook. Until recently if you … Read more

Create and edit images on your Chromebook using GIMP

When it comes to creating and editing images on your Chromebook there are plenty of options. This is mainly down to the Android Apps you have available in the Play Store. Although these apps are great for doing certain things. None of them offer all the functionality you get when using a complete image editing … Read more