Play games for free on your Chromebook with GeForce Now

Play PC games on a Chromebook or Chromebox

The ability to play games on your Chromebook is great news. Thanks to GeForce now you can sync your Steam account with the service. When you sync your Steam account with GeForce now it instantly gives you access to the games you have purchased on Steam. Not all the games you’ve purchased on Steam will … Read more

Anno 1800 is an excellent game to play on the Chromebook

Play games like Anno 1800 on your Chromebook

If you told me a year ago it would have been possible to play a game like Anno 1800 on a Chromebook I would have laughed. Why? This game provides excellent graphics and playing this on a Microsoft Windows PC needs serious hardware. So I was really amazed when playing Anno 1800 on a Chromebook … Read more

The Chromebox is the perfect choice for gaming on Chrome OS

Connecting a large display to your Chromebox

When you think about Chrome OS; gaming isn’t something that many people would associate with the operating system. This is understandable because until the launch of Android Apps on the Chromebook a couple of years ago. It simply wasn’t possible to play games on a Chromebook. Fast forward to 2020 and you’ve got so many … Read more

Chromebooks to have Stadia installed by default

Stadia to be installed as default on your Chromebook

We’ve seen a lot of changes to Chrome OS in the last year. One of the biggest changes is the ability to play games on your Chromebook. This is obviously great news for anyone who already owns a Chromebook or considering buying one in the future. The new service by Google, which goes by the … Read more