Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 Specification review

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 spec review

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 was released following the battery issues around the original Samsung Galaxy Chromebook. Although the original is a great laptop because it had such high specs. The battery did not last as long as some would have hoped. The Galaxy Chromebook 2 was released to fix that. To do this Samsung … Read more

Asus CX5 / C536 Chromebook Specification review

List of Chromebooks that will be compatible with the Linux Steam App

Asus is one of my favourite manufacturers when it comes to Chromebooks. For a couple of years, they opted for a silver finish, which looks great, but it was also getting a little tired. The Asus CX5 has moved away from that and it looks amazing. Instead, you get a white outer casing and inside … Read more

Samsung 4+ Chromebook Specification Review

Samsung 4 + Chromebook specification review

The Samsung 4+ is a little different from most laptops and this is because the display is a huge 15.6-inches. When you consider most laptops range from 11.6-inch to 14-inch. That extra 1.6-inch will make a huge difference. Not everyone is looking for such a large laptop because people tend to buy a laptop to … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Specification Review

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook spec review

When it comes to premium Chromebooks you can’t get a much better-looking than the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook. It’s an absolutely stunning looking laptop and everyone will be envious of you in your local coffee shop. If you live in the UK there is some bad news, as this Chromebook is only available in the USA. … Read more

Asus CX1 (CX1100) 11.6-inch Chromebook specification review

Asus CX1 Chromebook review

When it comes to Chromebooks one of the biggest names is Asus. They’ve provided plenty of budget and medium-spec devices over the years. The Asus CX1100 is one of their budget Chrome OS laptops. Making it ideal for anyone who wants a laptop without spending too much money. It’s great to see even ten years … Read more

Samsung 4 11.6-inch Chromebook Specification Review

Samsung Chromebook 4 is a great budget Chromebook

Samsung is well known for making top quality tech. This is also true when it comes to Chromebooks where they’ve long been established in the USA. If you live in the UK you’ll notice Samsung Chromebooks have only started to be seen in the shops and online. This is because Samsung did stop making laptops … Read more