HP 11 Chromebook x 2 – 2-in-1 tablet – Specification Review

HP x2 11 Chromebook

The HP 11 Chromebook tablet is also known as the HP x 2 Chromebook because it’s seen as the replacement for one of the first-ever Chrome OS tablets. When the Chromebook was originally launched there was no such thing as a 2-in-1 Chrome OS tablet. That is until HP released the original HP x 2, … Read more

Acer 715 15.6-inch Chromebook Specification Review

Acer 715 Chromebook specification review

When we look at the typical Chromebook most of them come with a display ranging from 11.6-inches to 14-inches. We don’t see many Chromebooks with a display larger than this. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a demand for these types of computers though. If you’re looking for a laptop to be more productive or to … Read more

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 3 11.6 inch Chromebook Specification Review

Lenovo IdeaPad flex 3 Chromebook specification review

If you’re new to Chromebooks you may want to find out more about how they work before buying one. The great thing about the Chromebook is you can get your hands on one without spending too much money. Lenovo has only been making Chrome OS laptops for a couple of years, but they’ve already proven … Read more

HP 11.6-inch Chromebook Specification Review

A Chromebook for just £129.99 in the UK

If you’re looking for a cheap laptop then you can’t go wrong with a Chromebook. There are plenty of budget Chrome OS laptops to choose from. The HP 11.6-inch Chromebook is available at such a cheap price it’s hard not to be interested. There are always some compromises you need to make when buying a … Read more

Asus C423 14-inch Chromebook Specification review

Asus C423 Chromebook spec review - is this Chromebook right for you

If you’re on the lookout for a cheap laptop. Then you can’t go wrong with a Chromebook. If you’re considering between a Microsoft laptop and a Chromebook. Have a read of this article explaining why a cheap Chromebook is much better than a cheap Microsoft Windows laptop. There are many manufacturers who make Chrome OS … Read more