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The Chromebooks battery life is impressive

One of the main issues with laptop computers is the battery. If you take your laptop to work with you the last thing you need is for your battery to die on you before you get home that day. Luckily, the Chromebooks battery life is superior to any other laptop on the market. There are a number of ...

How much memory you need for a Chromebook

When choosing to buy a new Chromebook it's important to think about how much memory you need for a Chromebook to run correctly. This all depends on what you'll be using your Chromebook for now and in the future. Choosing the right amount of memory (RAM) is one of the most important choices you need ...

What is Chrome OS and why it’s so fast

If you've been reading about the Chromebook you've most likely come across the term 'Chrome OS', but do you know what is Chrome OS? What is Chrome OS? Chrome OS is the operating system for the Chromebook. Google specifically created Chrome OS for the Chromebook. This is what makes it different from ...