What processor should I be looking for when buying a Chromebook

What processor to choose when buying a Chromebook

There are many things to consider when buying a new Chromebook and the processor is one of them. The processor your Chromebook uses is important because it’s directly linked to your Chromebooks performance. What is a computer processor A processor in your Chromebook or any other type of computer is called a Central Processing Unit … Read more

How much RAM you need for a Chromebook in 2021

If you are looking at buying a Chromebook in 2021 you’ll most likely have a lot to think about. One thing you should not overlook is how much RAM you will need for your Chromebook. The amount of RAM you need in 2021 is different from what you would have needed a few years ago. … Read more

What is Chrome OS and why it’s so fast

What is a Chromebook

If you’ve been reading about the Chromebook you’ve most likely come across the term ‘Chrome OS’, but do you know what is Chrome OS? What is Chrome OS? Chrome OS is the operating system for the Chromebook. Google specifically created Chrome OS for the Chromebook. This is what makes it different from computers running on … Read more

What is Google Drive and why it’s perfect for the Chromebook

what is Google Drive

What is Google Drive? It’s Google’s answer to cloud storage. What is cloud storage? well, don’t worry it will all be explained in this article. Before we get on to explain how Google Drive works it makes sense to explain Cloud Storage. It’s assumed everyone knows what working in the cloud means. This isn’t necessarily … Read more