A better image editor for your Chromebook and it is free to use

A free image editor for the Chromebook and how to use it

The built-in ChromeOS image editor is great if you don’t need to do much editing of your images. After all, it’s free to use and comes as standard on all Chromebooks. It’s also been improved and will continually be improved by the ChromeOS team. That being said, it’s pretty limited, so you may need more … Read more

The pros and cons of password protecting your Google Photos

Pros and cons of using a protected folder in google photos

There must have been a time when you’ve been showing your work colleagues photos on your phone. Where you’ve been hesitant to pass the phone over in case they see images you’d rather them not see. Refusing to pass over your phone will immediately make people think you’ve got something to hide. It could also … Read more

Android apps means you can now personalise your Chromebook

Chrome OS and Android apps

The ability to install Androids apps on your Chromebook means you can now personalise your Chromebook to suit your needs. This is great because it no longer means your Chromebook has to be set up like every other Chromebook. Personalise your Chromebook with Android Apps It’s exciting times for the Chromebook with the launch of … Read more