Best Power Banks for your Android phone – That extra needed juice

I’m sure we can all remember the time when mobile phones were a lot less versatile than they are today. You could make calls and receive texts and that was about it.

You may also remember just how long the battery lasted on these type of phones. Three days of use from a single charge was not uncommon. I’m almost certain nobody would replace what we have today. How nice would it be to have a battery that lasts more than 24 hours at best?

Actually, 24 hours is very unlikely as most phones tend to manage about ten hours before needing a charge. You may just about get through a working day without charging your phone if you’re lucky. In the future phones will take even more power when we start seeing bendable phones become a standard.

We love the technology our phones provide and we simply could not do without them. If only we could get more power from those batteries. One way to do this, of course, is with a Power Bank.


So you’ve decided you need extra power for your phone. You’re thinking it’s as simple as buying the first Power Bank you see. Well, unfortunately, it isn’t quite that simple. Especially if you want to get one suitable for your needs.

There are many different options available when buying a Power Bank. What’s on offer is usually down to how much they cost. You don’t need to spend a fortune. You do, however, need to ensure it will at least charge your phone to full capacity.

The main things you need to look out for is the charge they hold and the output connections they offer.


First of all, you’d need to check what your battery capacity is for your phone. Let’s say it’s 3,000 mAh. This tells you how much power you’d need to charge your battery from being completely dead to a full charge.

Using this logic you may think a Power Bank with 3,000 mAh will fully charge your phone. However, it’s not as straight forward as that. If you’ve ever used a Power Bank before; you’ll know how impossible it is to try and get it to fully charge.

They also take a long time to charge. You can have your Power Bank plugged in for over six hours and it still may not reach full capacity. This is simply the issue you get with almost all Power Banks.

So the easiest way to get around this is to buy a Power Bank with more power than you need. So instead of looking for one offering 3,000 mAh to match your phone. Try to find one that offers 5,000 mAh or possibly even more.

This will allow you to charge your phone fully even if you could not fully charge the Power Bank. If you want to be able to charge your phone more than once. Then look for a Power Bank offering 10,000 mAh or even 20,000 mAh.

Remember though, buying a Power Bank with 20,000 mAh will take an age to charge. So you’ll need to get into the habit of charging your Power Bank for a long period of time.

When buying a Power Bank always check the power output, as this will have a direct impact on how long it will take to fully charge.


You’ll want to ensure the ports on the Power Bank are suitable for the phone you have.

If your phone uses USB Type-C then you’ll want to buy a Power Bank that has a USB-C output. If the Power Bank ports are the older larger USB ports then you’ll need to make sure you have a lead from USB-A to USB-C.

A lot of phones still use Micro USB as a charging port. Because of this most Power Bank chargers come with a Micro USB lead as standard.

The really cheap Power Banks tend to have one output for charging. Although more and more are offering two outputs for charging your devices. This is really handy if you need to charge more than one device at the same time.

However, you’ll need to ensure if you need a Power Bank that offers multiple charging ports. That it comes with enough power to charge your devices.

Wireless charging Power Banks are now available but they are more expensive to buy. They are more convenient though because you don’t need to worry about forgetting to take leads with you.


If you’re looking for a Power Bank without spending a lot of money. Then you’ll be happy with this Power Bank by Getihu.

One of the issues with a lot of Power Banks is knowing how much charge is left. This is usually indicated by four led lights. The problem with this is it can be really difficult to know how much power is available.

This Power Bank resolves the problem with a digital percentage indicator. This means you’ll know exactly how much power is left in the Power Bank at any given time.

It’s pretty cool to look at and you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s more expensive than it is. The 10000 mAh of charge means you’ll easily be able to charge your phone twice. You can also charge two gadgets at the same time thanks to the twin outputs available.

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The problem with a lot of Power Banks is how big they can be. Not a problem if you’ll be charging your phone at a desk. If you travel a lot though and need to charge on the move, then a slim lightweight Power Bank is what you need.

The Omar Power Bank is super slim and its low profile design is perfect when travelling. It does not have a digital indicator, so you’ll have to rely on the led lights provided. However, that’s a fair enough sacrifice if portability is more important.

It comes with 10000 mAh, so you’ll easily be able to charge your phone twice. You can also charge two devices because it comes with two larger USB outputs. The great thing about this Power Bank is it also comes with USB Type-C in/out port and a Micro SB input making it really versatile.

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If you’re after more power then the Heibor Power Bank is a good choice. It comes with a whopping 26800 mAh, so you’ll be able to charge multiple gadgets without any problems.

It comes with three USB-A outputs making it easy to charge up to three gadgets at the same time. This is perfect for someone who wants to charge a phone, Bluetooth headphones and still have the ability to charge another device on top of that.

It also comes with a Micro USB and Type-C input for charging. What’s great about having the two inputs is you can choose to either use the Micro SD, which takes 24 hours to charge or a USB Type-C reducing the charge to just ten hours.

That may sound like a long time to charge, but when you consider the amount of power it provides. The ten-hour charging time is justified. The digital display also allows you to know exactly how much power is left.

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A wireless charging Power Bank is great if you’ve got the tech that supports it. You don’t need to worry about taking extra leads with you. Making it more convenient for when you’re on the move.

The good thing with this Wireless charging Power Bank is it also comes with USB-A outputs. This makes it perfect for both wired and wireless charging.

The battery provides a lot of power as well with the 25000 mAh charge it holds. The digital display means you’ll know exactly how much charge is left. So there will be no second-guessing like you have to with led indicators. The extra USB Type-C and Micros SD is also good to see.

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Running out of power when you’re out and about can be frustrating. Mobile phones today offer us a lot, but they run out of juice pretty quickly.

A Power Bank gives you an instant fix to this problem. They’ve come a long way since they were first available. All of the Power Banks on this page offer something for everyone.

I’ve been using a Power Bank for many years now and could not live without one. They are perfect when you go to visit friends or family over the weekend. They are absolutely essential if you’re an outdoors type as well.