Google drops Windows 10 capability on Chromebooks

Google scraps Windows 10 on Chromebook project

It appears Google has dropped the idea of Windows 10 being able to run on Chromebooks. It was never officially confirmed that Google was working on such a project. However, the project in question has seen very little updates recently. This suggests it’s unlikely you will see Windows 10 coming to Chromebooks anytime soon. The … Read more

What display to look for when buying a Chromebook

What to look for when choosing a Chromebook display

When it comes to buying a new Chromebook we often overlook the display. Yet the display is often one of the most important aspects when buying a new laptop. This article explains everything you need, so you know what display to look for when buying a Chromebook. THE SIZE OF THE DISPLAY We generally have … Read more

Virtual Desktops are coming to the Chromebook

The news that Virtual Desktops are coming to the Chromebook has now been confirmed. Virtual Desktops allows you to have more than one desktop open at the same time and can help with multitasking. Do not get too excited though as they are not available on the Chromebook until the launch of Chrome OS 76. … Read more

Google Pixelbook has set the new standard for Chromebooks

Google Pixelbook changed the Chromebook for the better

It’s hard to believe the Google Pixelbook was only launched in October 2017. Before the launch of the Pixelbook the Chromebook market had gone flat. However, the launch of the Pixelbook set the new standard and since then we’ve seen some pretty decent Chromebooks come onto the scene. Before the launch of the Pixelbook, we … Read more

HP x 360 Chromebook Review

HP x 360 Chromebook

A couple of years ago we did not really have many Chromebooks to choose from. Yes, there were lots of Chromebooks on the market, but only a handful that was worthwhile spending your money on. Fast forward to 2019 and we have new Chromebooks being launched on a monthly basis. Best of all, these Chromebooks … Read more

Asus C434 Chromebook Review

Top ten Chromebooks in 2020 - Asus C434 Chromebook

We have all been showing great interest in the latest Asus Chromebook C434. We are lucky enough to have new Chromebooks launched pretty regularly now, but this one is special. That has something to do with it being built to replace the much loved Asus C302. Arguably the most popular Chromebook to date, so it … Read more