Asus C433 Chromebook Review

When it comes to Chromebooks Asus has been designing great devices for many years now. We’ve got a lot to thank them for because they have helped with the process of moving Chromebooks to the next level.

For a few years, the Asus C302 Chromebook was one of the most loved Chromebooks available. There was no real movement in the Chromebook market, which got us all excited when we heard rumours of a replacement for the C302. The Asus C434 is a great replacement for the C302, so we were all a little shocked when Asus launched a further two models in a matter of months.

The Asus C433 was created to sit comfortably in between the Asus C425 and the Asus C434, so let’s take an in-depth look into what it has to offer in this Asus C433 Chromebook review.


The first thing I noticed about the Asus C433 Chromebook is just how beautiful it looks. I mean, it’s an absolutely stunning looking laptop. It beats both the C425 and C434 when it comes to looks alone and this is thanks to the squared design of the device.

You get a lot of Chromebooks where the underneath is curved, which manufacturers tend to do because they feel it will be more comfortable on your lap. However, I personally prefer the slab-like look as it’s far more pleasing to the eye.

It helps to make the Asus C433 look like a professional laptop. It looks very similar to the MacBook Pro and it just oozes style and sophistication. It also means it feels a lot more natural to handle if you’re using the device as a tablet. Yes, the C433 is a Hybrid device, so it can be used in both laptop or tablet mode.

The Asus C433 squared design looks super cool
The squared design is cool and sophisticated

When it comes to the look of the device it doesn’t just stop with the squared design. It also offers an all-over aluminium outer casing, which not only looks great it means you’re getting a solid sturdy-looking Chromebook at just 16.5mm thick and weighing in at 1.5kg.

However, when you open up the laptop you’re presented with plastic inside. It’s a shame Asus decided to go with plastic inside because I love this laptop. That being said, it would definitely not put me off using this device on a daily basis. Also, we need to remember this sits between the C425 and C434, so you’d expect it to fall slightly lower than the C434 in some areas.


The Asus C433 comes with the 8th generation Intel M3 8100Y processor. It comes with a 4MB cache to help speed up regular processes and a base speed of 1.10 GHz. However, the processor can reach speeds of up to 3.40 GHz when necessary, so it’s a pretty fast device.

This is exactly the same processor you get with the base model of the Asus C434. This is the entry-level device of the C433, so it’s a decent enough processor for the price.

The Asus C433 Chromebook will perform all the usual duties like internet surfing and video streaming with no problems at all. It will also easily handle any of the Android Apps that are currently available to use on the Chromebook. For the multi-tasking type out there, you’ll be happy with the performance you get for the money.


The display is an important factor when looking at buying a new Chromebook. The Asus C433 comes with a 14-inch display and full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080. This is the perfect resolution for a 14-inch display, so no complaints here.

It also offers an IPS panel, which means you’ll get great images and viewing angles. I’m also delighted to see Asus has used its Nano-Edge display technology, which means you get extra-slim bezels around all four sides of the display.

The Asus C433 Chromebook is a Hybrid and can be used as a laptop or tablet.
Great to use as a laptop or tablet

This not only makes the Asus C433 Chromebook look great. It also means you’re getting a 14-inch display in a chassis little over 13-inches in size. The touchscreen also works great for anyone looking to use the touchscreen display in either laptop or tablet mode.


It’s no big surprise that the entry-level model of the C433 comes with 4GB of RAM. Over the last year or so I’ve mentioned that you should ideally be looking for a Chromebook with 8GB of RAM. When you consider some mobile phones now come with 4GB of RAM. It shows 4GB may cause limitations for power users.

That being said, the 4GB available here means you’ll still comfortably be able to use the Chromebook for most tasks that you could think of. It’s unlikely you’ll find the 4GB of RAM limit you in any way with everyday use. However, it will struggle a little when it comes to multi-tasking to the extreme.

When it comes to storage you’re getting 64GB for your money. This is a reasonable amount of storage and you’ll be able to install plenty of Android Apps without too much of an issue. You’ll also be able to store files locally, providing we are talking about text files, which take up little room.

However, you should always take advantage of the cloud computing aspect of the Chromebook and store your files in the cloud on a service such as Google One. Find out why the Chromebook and Google One are a perfect match. Storing files in the cloud protects your data if your local Chromebook storage becomes damaged.


It comes with all the connectivity you would expect to see from a Chromebook launched in 2019. If you’re concerned about the 64GB of storage not being enough; you’ll be happy to know it comes with a Micro SD slot. This makes it easy to add further storage at a later date.

You get one USB 3.1 for older peripherals you may still use. It also comes with two USB Type-C ports, which is the new standard for USB. It also means you can easily add an external display via one of the Type-C ports available.

The keyboard on the Asus C433 is amazing to use.
Typing on the backlit keyboard is a pleasure

The Chromebooks from Asus are well known for having fantastic keyboards. You’ll be happy to know this continues to be the case with the C433. It’s an absolute pleasure to type with thanks to the 1.44mm key travel and backlit keyboard. So you can type on this device day and night without any problems.


The release of multiple Chromebooks from Asus recently has been a tad confusing. We were all eagerly waiting for the launch of the C434, which was the replacement for the C302. What we were not expecting was for Asus to launch another two Chromebooks a few months later.

If we work with the model numbers alone. You’d expect the C433 to offer less than the C434 and more than the C425. This is true to some extent but there isn’t a huge difference in specs between the entry-level C434 and C433. However, since the initial launch of the C434, Asus has launched a further model that provides 8GB of RAM. The processor used, however, is the same, which reduces the specs between both models.

The C433 is definitely a nicer looking device compared to the C434. The squared slab-like look of the C433 is super sexy and I just love it. However, it’s a real shame that Asus decided to use plastic for the inside of the Chromebook.

This is definitely a device worth considering. The only real issue is that the price difference at the moment means you only have to spend a little more to get the C434, which provides an all-over aluminium chassis and more RAM. Also, the display on the C434 provides more brightness compared to the C433.