Asus C433 Chromebook currently available at a reduced price

It’s fair to say Asus went a little crazy after the release of the Asus C434, which was the direct replacement for the Asus C302. This is because very quickly after launching the C434 it also launched the C433 and not long after that came the C436. Like don’t get me wrong, I’m happy Asus gave us all these extra Chromebooks to choose from. The problem is because they were all released so close to each I think the C433 got lost in all the confusion. Also, the C436, although a great computer, is a tad expensive for what it offers. That being said, you can now get it at a cheaper price than the RRP if you shop around.

At the time of writing this article, the Asus C433 is available with a discount both in the UK and USA. I’ve always liked the Asus C433 because I love the nice slab look of the laptop. There is something about a laptop with very little curves that makes it look cool and sophisticated. Sure, not having a curve underneath can make it harder to pick up on a flat surface, but I’ll take what it gives in looks over that. The outer casing is aluminium but the inside is plastic.

So if you’re after a bargain and not wanting to spend the little extra getting your hands on the C434 Chromebook. Then you may be interested in this deal currently available. It will definitely not disappoint in the looks department. Personally, I think the C433 wins the C434 and C436 when it comes to looks alone.


You can get the Asus C433 Chromebook with many different configurations. The configuration we’re looking at today, which is the one that is on offer is as follows:

It comes with an Intel M3 eight-generation processor, which has a base speed of 1.10 GHz. That may sound pretty low but there is no need to worry because it has a turbo speed capable of a whopping 3.40 GHz. The Intel M3 processor is by no means a budget processor. I own a couple of Chromebooks with this processor and I’ve never had an issue with performance.

It comes with 4GB of RAM, which is more than enough for what most people need. I appreciate there has been a lot of chatter about needing 8GB lately. Maybe that’s true for some people, but for most of us, 4GB of RAM will work just fine. Sure, the same processor with 8GB of RAM does perform better, but 4GB of RAM with this processor is hardly a sluggish experience. Find out more about how much RAM you need for a Chromebook in 2021.

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When it comes to the storage you’re getting 64GB, which is more than enough. The latest mid-range Chromebooks are starting to appear with more than this. That being said, I’ve got 64GB of storage on my Chromebox, which I use every day and I’ve never come across storage issues. For most of us, this is perfectly fine and you’ll easily be able to install plenty of Android Apps. Find out more about how much Storage you need for a Chromebook.

The display is great thanks to the IPS panel, which makes viewing at an angle a pleasure. Also, the IPS panel just gives a crisper look and the images pop out at you because the colours are more vibrant. On top of this, you get a Full HD display of 1,920 by 1,080. Like many Asus Chromebooks, the bezels around the display are so thin. This just gives the Chromebook that little bit of extra class.


If you’re after a mid-spec Chromebook and can’t afford the extra for the C434 then this is a good deal. It will be able to perform most tasks you’ll ever want to do on a Chromebook without any issues. It looks great and the display is fantastic. Yes, the performance, although good, isn’t going to be fantastic. That is mainly down to only having 4GB of RAM. That being said, it will still perform perfectly well.

If you’ve used a more powerful Chromebook previously. Then you’ll most likely notice a slight dip in performance. However, if this is an upgrade from a Chromebook with an Intel Celeron processor. Then you’ll be happy with the noticeable improvement in the performance it offers. If you need to know more before deciding, then have a read of the Asus C433 Chromebook review.