Asus C425 is a great choice if you can get it at the right price

Most budget Chromebooks range from £159 to £299.99. When we consider a budget Chromebook there are usually always some compromises to make. That will either be the design and build quality or the processing power.

Most budget Chromebooks are built to be workable laptops and not much effort is put into the design. The Asus C425 was not launched as a budget Chromebook. Therefore, it is much better built than most laptops you’ll find at this price.

This is the same when we take a look at the processing power. Most budget Chrome OS laptops come with an Intel Celeron processor. This isn’t the case here thanks to the Asus C425 using an Intel M3 processor. I’ve seen the Asus C425 available for the same price as a budget Chromebook. Anything under £300 and you’re getting a deal.

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Asus C425 Chromebook

The Asus C425 looks great. This is what I’ve come to expect when it comes to Asus. They put a lot of effort into how their laptops look. This is definitely not a laptop you’d be embarrassed to use at your local coffee shop.

It has no hint of budget when it comes to how it looks. It’s not just about looks though. I’ve owned a few Chromebooks that come with the Intel M3 processor and they perform perfectly. Chrome OS is lightweight, so you don’t need too much processing power.

That being said, most budget models come with an Intel Celeron processor. Perfectly usable but can be a little slow with some tasks. You’ll not get that with the C425 and this is thanks to the Intel M3 processor that is used.

Asus C425 Display

The most annoying thing about most budget Chromebooks is the display quality. Don’t get me wrong when you’re buying a cheap laptop the manufacturer has to cut corners somewhere. This usually happens when they look at the processing power and display quality.

Asus C425 Chromebook specification review
Asus C425 is well built

Although I own a budget Chromebook with a TN panel and I can use it without any issues. It doesn’t come anywhere near the quality I get from my more expensive Chromebooks. Most mid-range laptops and above come with an IPS panel.

The Asus C425 uses an IPS panel, which is another reason why this is a great choice. An IPS panel not only provides excellent viewing angles. The colours are more vivid and the images are true to life.

RAM & Storage

The Asus C425 comes with 4GB of RAM. This is more than enough RAM to do most things on a Chromebook. Whether that is internet surfing, social media, streaming HD movies, or getting productive with a spreadsheet. Find out more about how much RAM you need for a Chromebook.

The storage at 64GB is also enough to install plenty of Android Apps. The Chromebook has been made so you can easily store files in the cloud. You get 15GB of cloud storage for free with a Chromebook, so you might as well use it.

Providing you store most of your files in the cloud. You can save your local storage space for the operating system and Android Apps. I’ve owned a few Chromebooks with 64GB of storage and I’ve never had issues when it comes to storage. Find out more about how much storage you need for your Chromebook.

Should you buy the Asus C425?

The Asus C425 was originally launched as a medium-spec Chromebook. The problem was you could spend £50/£100 more and get a better laptop. At the time it was usually sold at around £400, which stopped it selling as well.

If you can get this laptop at £300 or less then it’s a great alternative to buying a budget Chromebook. It offers much better processing power than budget models and the display is much better.

You’re getting a Full HD 14-inch display with an IPS panel. The only thing I would be cautious about is whether it comes with a touchscreen. The original model certainly did not have a touchscreen. However, the Asus website suggests it does. If you’re after a laptop with a touchscreen make sure you check on this before buying.