Argos has a new Chromebook landing page to help you make the switch

Anyone looking for a Chromebook in the UK who happens to stumble across Argos will be greeted with a new Chromebook page. This is great to see because it will help buyers who are considering making the switch to Chrome OS. Instead of just providing a list of Chromebooks the page will help people get to understand Chrome OS. Perfect for anyone who is unsure whether Chrome OS is right for them. This is really important because this is a great opportunity to deal with any doubts a buyer may have about Chromebooks before making a purchase.

The page explains the benefits of owning a Chromebook such as booting up in seconds and coming with security built-in. A video is available to show how you can install Android Apps on your Chrome OS device. Anyone who was considering a Chromebook five years ago, who had not done any research since. Would be unaware that you can now install Android Apps on a Chromebook. This video is a great way of highlighting one of the great benefits the Chromebook now offers.

A wide selection of Chromebooks at Argos
Wide selection of Chromebooks available at Argos

It’s all too easy to expect the person next to you to know as much about Chromebooks as you do. This is something I always try to avoid. It’s always best to work on the basis you’re dealing with someone who is a complete newbie to Chrome OS. This way you’ll avoid the issue of someone stumbling across the Chromebook and leaving with too many questions still unanswered.

Works with Chromebook

It includes a useful section for anyone looking for accessories or peripherals that will work with your Chromebook out of the box. This is a new initiative by Google to make it easier to identify external hardware, which is guaranteed to work with your Chrome OS computer. This is something I made sure I looked into when buying a webcam recently. A lot of webcams give a list of the capabilities but it’s only when you look at the finer detail. You realise some of these are only available when using software downloaded from the manufacturer.

Works with Chromebook accessories and peripherals at Argos

Most of the time the software is specifically made for Apple and Windows. This means you could end up buying hardware, which you later realise cannot perform as you had expected. The Works With Chromebook initiative has been created to try and avoid this happening. There are plenty of peripherals on the Argos page, which specifically work with the Chromebook. This includes a number of mice, webcams, leads and external hard disks.

It’s worth pointing out though. If you’re considering buying hardware you don’t necessarily need to ensure it comes with the Works with Chromebook badge. Sure, if you’re buying a webcam then I’d definitely be looking for one that will work with your Chromebook. When it comes to buying a mouse or hard disk. It’s unlikely you’d have an issue buying a product, which does not come with the Works with Chromebook recognition. A lot of hardware such as mice and hard disks will work with your Chromebook without any issues.


There is even a section to help people compare Chromebooks. I’d argue this could have been laid out a lot better, but it may still help people in making the right choice. If you’re new to the Chromebook it would be very difficult to know what you’re looking for. A comparison list explaining what each Chromebook is capable of is a good idea.


There is a wide selection of Chromebooks at Argos. Whether you’re looking for a budget device such as the Acer 311 or a higher spec Chromebook such as the Pixelbook Go. You’ll find there is a wide range to choose from. The good thing about buying from a retailer such as Argos is a piece of mind. They have been around on the UK high street for a long time, so they are a trusted brand.

If you don’t have an Argos near you. There is no need to be concerned as they offer a fantastic delivery service. If you’re lucky you can even get the same delivery if you order early enough in the day. This is a service I’ve taken advantage of many times. It’s much better than having to wait in for the whole day for a delivery that will not be with you for a couple of days. You can easily check whether they have stock available in your local area for delivery.