AMD processors coming to the Chromebook – Is this good news?

For many years now if you’ve been interested in buying a Chromebook. You would have most likely picked one up running an Intel Celeron processor. Just take a look at the top ten Chromebooks in 2020, they all use Intel. Well, all this is about to change as AMD show further interest in Chrome OS and the Chromebook.

You can already get a handful of Chromebooks that use an AMD processor. However, these laptops are nothing to write home about. Possibly a little experiment by AMD to see how it all works in the Chromebook world.

In the future though, we will start to see more Chromebooks launched with an AMD processor inside. If you’ve not heard of AMD before then you’ve most likely never owned a Windows PC or maybe what processor your computer runs is not something you really care about.

So with AMD processors coming to the Chromebook. Let’s take a look at whether this is good or bad news for Chrome OS.


An AMD processor is similar to Intel but both have their own technologies, which apparently makes one better than the other. In the mainstream market, these two companies are complete rivals.

It’s always good to have competition because it means the consumer will get better value for money. You can typically get an AMD processor, which offers the same type of performance for less than the cost of an Intel processor.

This may sound great, getting your hands on a processor offering the same processing power but at a cheaper price. It would be great if it was that simple. The problem is when it comes to comparing AMD and Intel processors; it really isn’t that simple.


Although it’s obviously good news AMD has started to take interest in the Chromebook. I’m a big believer in keeping things simple. The more you have to think about when choosing a computer; the more confusing it can be for people who are not into technology.

At the moment people do have to consider what processor they should choose for their Chromebook, but this will become a tad more complicated in the future. That is before you consider the type of display, RAM and how much storage a Chromebook needs.

It will be totally different for tech enthusiasts who love to have something else to consider and debate. This is all fine, but I just hope it doesn’t stop the Chromebook being an easy choice for people who are not interested in the tech side of things.

Having a salesman talking at someone about the benefits of choosing AMD or Intel isn’t a good thing. This is even more true when you consider they may be speaking to someone who has just built up the confidence to switch to a Chromebook.

Intel processor for the Chromebook
Intel having been making processors for the Chromebook for many years

Nearly every single person in the western world owns a computer. However, this does not mean every single person is interested in technology. A lot of people just see it as a tool to get things done.

You may be thinking having an extra processor manufacturer isn’t such a big thing. Trust me, these two companies are such rivals who go out of there way to show they offer the better processor. That it causes confusion when it comes to choosing between them.


It’s not all negative though. Apart from the complete rivalry, these two companies bring to the table, and the confusion this may cause. Having a second processor manufacturer creating Chromebooks can only be good for the consumer.

Also, AMD is known to offer cheaper processors. To answer whether they are better processors takes me back to the previous paragraph. You’ll have people say they are the same, some will say inferior, whilst others swear they are much better.

For me personally, I’ve always bought a computer with an Intel processor. However, I’m not saying I would not buy a Chromebook with an AMD processor.

The AMD Ryzen processor will be good for the Chromebook
AMD Ryzen processor is impressive

This is the thing. Although we all love getting a laptop with the latest processor. We all know Chrome OS is extremely lightweight. So whether your Chromebook uses an Intel or AMD processor, which are similar in performance. It’s unlikely you’d see much of a difference when using Chrome OS.

It will get more confusing if we need to start relying on having a graphics card. This is where these two rivals make the choice of choosing between the two even harder. At the moment though, this isn’t really a concern for the Chromebook.

If it means you can get cheaper Chromebooks. Then I’m happy to see what AMD brings out in the future. I just hope it doesn’t make buying a Chromebook as difficult a choice as buying a Microsoft Windows computer.