Acer Chromebook with mouse and bag for £259.99

The great thing about the Chromebook is you can find a model suitable for everyone. If you want something high-spec and high priced you’ve got plenty to choose from. If on the other hand, you want a laptop without spending a lot of money. Then the Chromebook has you covered there as well.

If you’re considering buying a budget Chromebook and don’t want to spend too much money. Then this deal I’ve found at Argos might be just for you. For just £259.99 you can get your hands on the Acer 314 Chromebook with a free Bluetooth mouse and bag included in the price. This makes it perfect for anyone who needs a Chromebook to take travelling with them. It would also be a great choice if you’re looking to buy a Chromebook for your child. Students who are strapped for cash may also find this beneficial. Let’s take a look at what you should expect from the Acer 314 Chromebook.


The Acer 314 is a budget Chromebook. This means there will be some sacrifices you’ll need to make. This does not mean you should avoid buying this laptop. After all, everyone is different when it comes to buying laptops. You’re either after a bargain and not too bothered about the specs or you’re at the other end of the spectrum where you only want the best. I’m guessing if you’re reading this then a bargain is more important to you.

The Intel Pentium N5000 processor has a base speed of 1.10 GHz but is capable of turbo speeds of 2.70 GHz when needed. To help speed up regular processes your computer needs to perform. It also has a 4MB cache. The cache stores vital data necessary to help your processor run regular processes more efficiently. This is good to see in a budget Chromebook because a 2MB cache is what you’d normally see at this price range.

In reality, what this all means is you’ll be able to use the Chromebook to surf the internet, use social media, word process, number crunch on spreadsheets without any issues. This is helped by the 4GB of RAM, which is more than enough for a budget Chromebook. Find out how much RAM you need for a Chromebook in 2021. It also comes with 64GB of storage, which you’ll find is more than enough. In fact, even my high-spec Chromebook comes with 64GB of storage and I’ve never had any issues with running out of space.


The display is 14-inch, which is arguably the most common display size for a laptop. This is a budget Chromebook, so don’t expect a Full HD resolution. The resolution available is 1,366 by 768 pixels. This means you’ll not be able to stream HD movies from this Chromebook. Personally speaking, I’m not a big fan of Non HD displays on a display size of 14-inches. That being said, you’re buying a budget Chromebook. You would not find a Chromebook at this price offering Full HD, so don’t let that put you off too much.

The display does not offer an IPS panel. I would always recommend an IPS panel when buying a Chromebook. This is because the viewing angles on a non-IPS panel can be a little poor in quality. However, again, I must stress this is a budget laptop and for the price I don’t think you can really complain.


The connectivity offered is absolutely fine. It comes with two older USB ports and two newer USB Type C ports. This means you can easily add peripherals you may already own without being concerned about compatibility issues. The newer USB type C port also means the Chromebook is future proof for hardware, which may only support Type C in the future. You’ll also be able to connect an external monitor should you want to do so using the Type C connection. However, an adaptor would be needed to do this. You can get them for less than £10, so not a big cost to add an external display.

It comes with WiFi and Bluetooth, so you’ll have no issues connecting to WiFi when away from home. You’ll also find a Micro SD card slot, which means you can easily add further storage at a later date if you need to. Find out more about adding storage using an SD card to your Chromebook.


If you’re after a budget Chromebook and not too fussed about not having a Full HD display. Then I don’t see why you’d be disappointed at the price. It looks the part and comes with all the connectivity you would need. It’s definitely perfect for school children and students who need a cheap decent laptop for education. Also, the mouse and bag included for free is a great offer. When you consider you’re getting all this for £259.99. There isn’t much to complain about.

I’ve checked the comments from the people who have bought this Chromebook. None of them appears to be too bad. In fact, from what I can see most people are happy with their purchase. If you’re after a budget laptop and the added extras are something you need. Then it’s a good deal. The best thing to do is to buy it and check it out for yourself. If you’re happy with it all is fine. If, however, you’re not too happy for whatever reason. You can simply return it under the distance selling rules.