Acer Chromebase 23.8-inch offers all-in-one Chrome OS experience

When it comes to devices running Chrome OS most of us think about the Chromebook. In fact, I’d go as far as at least 90% of us consider buying a Chromebook. There are other options available to you though like the Chromebox, which is a desktop computer.

I love the Chromebox it’s a great computer and is perfect if you want a Chrome OS desktop setup. If you’re thinking of getting a Chrome OS computer, and can’t decide between a Chromebook or Chromebox. Then have a read of Chromebook vs Chromebox, which will help you decide.

If you’re looking for a computer and a laptop isn’t for you. Then the Chromebox may be the ideal choice, but don’t decide just yet. Have you ever considered buying a Chromebase? You’ll be forgiven if you’ve never heard of one before. Although they’ve been around for many years, they are not as well known as the Chromebook or Chromebox.

One of the reasons for this is because they used to look pretty ugly. However, the Chromebase computers being released in 2020 are more pleasing on the eye. It’s not just about the looks though, these computers offer excellent value for money.

I recently wrote an article about the Chromebase. What it is and whether you should consider buying one, so if you want to find out more have a read of what is a Chromebase and should you buy one. Although they may not be for everyone. If you’re after a desktop all-in-one Chrome OS computer, then the Chromebase is a perfect choice.


The latest Chromebase from Acer is definitely a computer you would not be embarrassed about having on your desk. Gone are the days when the Chromebase looked liked something a three-year-old would use. The latest Acer Chromebase looks like a serious computer, which will look perfect on any desk.

At first glance, you may think they are a tad expensive. However, I’d say they offer good value for money. A decent Chromebox will cost you at least £600/$650. You then have to spend further money on an external display. This isn’t a problem if you already own one. If you do not own a display, then a Chromebase is the cheaper option of the two.

When you buy a Chromebase you’re getting the computer and display in with the price. The latest Acer Chromebase comes with a Full HD IPS 23.8-inch display. To buy a separate display of this quality you’d easily be looking at spending £250/$250.

So if you’re after a true all-in-one Chrome OS Desktop computer. The Acer Chromebase is definitely worth considering. It’s a perfect choice for anyone who wants a minimalist look or anyone who does not have much space to play with.

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Another great advantage of the Acer Chromebase is the touchscreen display. I love my Asus Chromebox 3, but none of the displays I’ve got attached is touchscreen. This means if I want to take advantage of Android apps. I’ll always end up powering up my Pixel Slate instead.

The fact the Acer Chromebase comes with a touchscreen. Means you’re getting the true Chrome OS experience. Imagine being able to play Android games or use Android productivity apps on a 23.8-inch display.

The Acer Chromebase touchscreen display is perfect for Android apps
The large touchscreen display is perfect for using Android apps

When you look at where we are heading in the future. I’d expect to see a lot more productivity software become available for Chrome OS. I’m hoping we’re not far away from seeing a decent video editor for Chrome OS. When we do I’d definitely be happier working on a video with a large display offering touchscreen.


You can get the Acer Chromebase with different Specs. There is an Intel Celeron version available. However, I’d recommend shelling out a little extra money for the Intel i3 configuration.

The Intel i3 Acer Chromebase comes with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. This is more than enough for what you’ll do on a Chrome OS desktop computer. When you add to that the Full HD 1920×1080 display with the IPS panel. The price tag starts to make a lot more sense.

It’s not going to be for everyone. However, as Chrome OS gets more popular it makes sense we’ll start to see different variations such as the Chromebox and Chromebase sell more. So before you decide on buying a new Chromebook, make sure you consider a Chromebox and Chromebase as well.

If, however, a laptop is your perfect choice. Then have a read of the Top Ten Chromebooks in 2020.