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Why I started Chrome Computing

I started Chrome Computing after realising there was a lot of misunderstanding about the Chromebook. I believed in the Chromebook from the beginning back in 2011 because it was a much better experience than working with Microsoft Windows. I knew it was going to be an uphill battle to show the Chromebook in the light it deserves and began my blog in 2018 to spread the message of just how great the Chromebook is.

How I got interested in Technology

My interest in technology began when I was given my first computer when I was just thirteen. My first computer was the Atari ST and I absolutely loved learning how to use it.

I loved playing computer games, but was also interested in programming and spent many hours coding in Atari ST Basic. This helped me get a good understanding of how computers work and I found it fascinating. Sadly, Atari stopped making computers when the PC running Microsoft Windows became popular around the world.

My experience with Microsoft Windows

At first, I loved using Microsoft Windows, but I was sad to see the end of Atari. Looking back, it’s fair to say I’ve never had a great experience with Microsoft Windows. To get the most out of the operating system always meant having to constantly tweak it. I did not mind this because I loved learning how technology worked. It also gave me a great understanding of how computers operate, which still helps me today when I come across issues that need fixing.

At the time I was unaware of how unfriendly Microsoft Windows was to use. It was not until tablets and mobile phones become popular that I got my first experience of using a computer that worked seamlessly. When the Chromebook was launched I knew I would be turning my back on Microsoft Windows.

My first ever Chromebook

When the Chromebook was launched in 2011 I was so excited about getting my hands on my first Chromebook. My first Chromebook being the HP Chromebook 11, which I absolutely loved. It was fast, reliable and had a fantastic screen. At first, I missed all the tweaking I had got used to when using Microsoft Windows. However, I soon began to realise all the time I was spending managing Microsoft Windows was due to how poor the operating system was.

Today I still own a Microsoft Windows PC, but I only ever use it to play computer games. For everything else, I use my Chromebook or Chromebox. Whenever I decide to play a game on my Windows PC I’m always utterly irritated with how long it takes just to boot.

This is why I started Chrome Computing. I wanted to help people to learn how the Chromebook works and why they should move over to using a Chromebook. It’s difficult to get people to change, so starting a blog about the Chromebook was something I wanted to do.

I hope my blog is helpful to anyone who is interested in the Chromebook and Chrome Computing in general. I totally believe the Chromebook has a great future and I hope my blog helps people make the move to a better way of computing.

Dan Millward

Chrome Computing

contact info: dan@chromecomputing.com