A sad goodbye as Google says no to a new Pixelbook Chromebook

Google has decided to scrap the project to bring us a new Pixelbook. This is obviously very sad news to anyone who has or currently owns a Pixelbook, and anyone considering buying a Pixelbook in the future.

I’ve always been a little confused about who makes the decisions at Google. You would have thought bringing out a new Pixelbook every couple of years is a great way to show off what ChromeOS is capable of.

It’s no surprise that products made by Google including the Pixelbook, Pixel Slate and Pixel phone have all been well received. This is because they put a lot of effort into the design aspect, and their products seriously do look and feel amazing.

A new Pixelbook was expected

The news about Google deciding not to bring out a new Pixelbook is a bit of a surprise. Mainly because there have been plenty of rumours over the last year they were working on a new model. This is the thing with Google, they are such a huge technology company that things can change quickly.

In a way, this is a good thing because it shows they are willing to scrap projects quickly. They do not get too precious about projects by continuing to invest in them when there are good reasons to stop. A forward-thinking and ever-advancing company such as Google needs to be forgiven for being very willing to change things quickly.

Juggling budgets was possibly a reason

We all think about the tech giants such as Google and Apple and believe they have a bottomless supply of cash. It’s totally true that these companies make huge amounts of profit, but a business still needs to ensure they are investing their money wisely.

When it comes to deciding what to focus on in the future. I’m sure the budgets available for different projects had something to do with Google scrapping the Pixelbook.

Asus CX5 Chromebook and Pixelbook Go
Other manufacturers are starting to make stunning-looking Chromebooks

Google and Android tablets

I guess it’s no surprise that it appears they will be moving funds into a new Android tablet. A video last year from Google showed they were pretty impressed with the rise in the use of Android apps. Android tablets were in decline a few years ago, but sales have started to rise in the last year.

I love ChromeOS but I would never replace my Android tablet with a ChromeOS tablet. Although ChromeOS in tablet mode has improved over the years. It’s still the case that Android tablets perform much better overall. Find out more about Android vs ChromeOS tablets.

If you want a decent tablet, which is well built Samsung tends to dominate that market. Therefore, perhaps it’s a good idea for Google to get in on the action. At the moment I own a Samsung tablet, but I’d definitely consider upgrading to a Pixel tablet if one became available. I previously owned a Nexus tablet and was impressed and the Pixel brand of products is much better than the older Nexus range.

Has the Pixelbook done its job?

If we think back to the very first Pixelbook it was way ahead in terms of design and the internals used compared to other devices. At the time most of the Chromebooks available were budget devices, and you could get your hands on one for as little as £200/$200.

It’s still the case that you can get a budget Chromebook. However, it’s also the case that you now have access to a huge number of medium-spec and some higher-spec devices. Therefore, you could argue Google has already done what was intended, which was to get other manufacturers to recognise that the Chromebook was much more than just a budget device.

I love my Pixelbook Go

I never owned a Pixelbook until I bought a Pixelbook Go. Although I can see a market for high-powered Chromebooks. I’m not 100% convinced they are necessary for the majority of users. For most people, a medium-spec device is possibly the best option when buying a ChromeOS laptop, and this is exactly what the Pixelbook Go offers.

Pixelbook Go Chromebook
Pixelbook Go Chromebook

The Pixelbooks released before the Go was considered high-spec. There is no doubt they were stunning laptops, but they were also very expensive. They were great laptops but could have been considered a little overkill considering what ChromeOS was capable of at the time.

The Pixelbook Go offers everything most of us will ever need. A stunning lightweight and well-designed laptop, that has an amazing keyboard, a decent display, and great sound. What more could you want from a laptop? Check out my review of the Pixelbook Go Chromebook.

Is it a missed opportunity?

Although there are now plenty of medium and high-spec Chromebooks available. It’s fair to say none of them have been better in terms of design than a Pixelbook. Google is well known for making great products including the Pixel Slate, which I absolutely loved.

If you want to target Apple fans to ChromeOS then design is everything. It isn’t good enough just to offer a great-performing Chromebook. It has to look the part and offer the very best in design. I know many people who moved away from Apple to ChromeOS, and it was the Pixelbook Go that helped them make the switch.

If ChromeOS wants to directly target Apple rather than Microsoft Windows users. Then manufacturers need to start putting more effort into design. I’m not saying there aren’t some well-built Chromebooks available, but none of them are as good as a Pixelbook.