A detachable Chromebook offers great flexibility – should you buy one?

If you’re considering buying a new laptop there is so much you need to think about. You’ve most likely decided you want to buy a Chromebook. This is a great choice because Chrome OS the operating system it uses is well known for being fast, secure and easy to use. This makes this type of laptop perfect for everyone. Whether you’re tech-savvy or someone who finds tech challenging. You’ll find that it’s really easy to get to grips with using a Chromebook.

Before you buy a new Chromebook you may want to consider whether a detachable Chromebook is a better choice. Instead of the display and keyboard being offered in all one unit. A detachable provides you with a Chrome OS tablet and the keyboard is separate. This means you’re getting two products for the price of one. This is a great way of saving money if you’d like to own both. When using it as a tablet you interact with it using the touchscreen. Just like you would with any other tablet. If you want to take advantage of what the Chromebook offers as a laptop. You simply detach the keyboard. It’s the perfect choice for someone looking for a little more flexibility.

There isn’t many of these type of devices to choose from at the moment. However, that is soon to change because Asus will soon be launching the CM3000 Chromebook. This looks like it will be a great detachable using the Chrome OS operating system. If you don’t want to wait until the launch, you don’t need to worry because Lenovo released a similar model that has been selling really well.


The Lenovo IdeaPad is a great choice if you are looking to buy your first Chrome OS device. The price is very reasonable when you consider you’re getting both a laptop and tablet. The keyboard is simply attached to the tablet magnetically, so there isn’t any fiddling around attaching the keyboard. This makes it a really simple process to turn your tablet into a fully-equipped Chromebook laptop.

The great thing about this is you can take the tablet out with you and leave the keyboard at home. Ideal for your daily commute to work. Perfect for when you’re on holiday down the beach because using a laptop in such a setting isn’t very practical. You could even pop the keyboard in your bag, so if you do need to use it as a laptop for any reason. It’s as simple as just attaching the keyboard.

A Chrome OS tablet
A detachable can be used as a tablet or laptop

It comes with 4 GB of RAM, which is more than enough for most tasks you’ll want to carry out on a Chromebook. Whether that is internet surfing or using Android Apps. You’ll have no issues with the RAM and processor used. Also, Android apps work much better with a touchscreen, which obviously comes as standard when buying a tablet.

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The answer to this is yes. A detachable Chromebook offers exactly the same functionality as a Chromebook laptop. This is what makes them such a good choice. Why would you buy a laptop if you’re not someone who uses a laptop all the time? A detachable offers much more flexibility. When using it as a tablet Chrome OS works just like any other tablet. Very similar to what you would have experienced if using an Android tablet.

If you need to use it as a laptop. This is as simple as attaching the keyboard. When you do this the operating system recognises a keyboard has been attached. It will then automatically change the display, so it will work just like any other Chromebook laptop. The detachable Chromebook has been slow off the mark, but now they are becoming available. They will be the obvious choice for anyone looking for a little more flexibility.