A dedicated Nvidia Graphic Card for a Chromebook – Gaming gets serious

I’ve been a gamer long before the Windows PC even existed. When I was growing up my gaming computer was the Atari ST and I spent many hours playing my favourite games. The release of the Microsoft PC changed all that. Playing games on a Windows PC back then didn’t require too much processing power because the graphics were pretty basic.

If we fast forward to 2023 the graphics seen in PC games are incredible. For a computer to handle such amazing graphics it needs a graphics card. I’m not referring to a graphics card integrated into the processor. Advanced gaming needs a dedicated graphics card, and arguably Nvidia offers the best graphics cards for gaming.

I’ve been saying for some time that the Chromebook will never be a true gaming computer with the current hardware. Even if you have one of the most advanced ChromeOS computers currently available, it does not really change anything. This is because advanced games have been coded to work with and require the power of a dedicated graphics card.

Valve and Google

Valve the corporation that owns the Steam gaming platform has been working with Google to make gaming on a Chromebook a possibility. To make gaming possible Valve has been working on the Steam Linux app, and you can currently try installing Steam Linux Alpha on your Chromebook.

The good thing about the Steam Linux App is that Valve has many reasons to ensure games work fine on the platform. This is because Steam Deck, which is their latest handheld gaming console also runs on Linux. Therefore, all the effort they have put into making games compatible with the Steam Deck is a big plus for the ChromeOS Steam Linux App.

This means any games that work on the Steam Deck should in theory work fine when using the Steam Linux App. This is great news, however, there is still one big step that is needed before you get too excited. We need a Chromebook that comes with a dedicated Nvidia Graphic card.

A Chromebook with an Nvidia Graphics card is on the way

According to 9 to 5 Google it appears two new Chromebooks are being worked on that will include a dedicated Nvidia Graphics card. This will be a huge game changer and it’s the natural next step after Google and Valve have spent so much time working on the Steam App.

I don’t think this change will see a huge shift of PC gamers to the Chromebook. This is mainly because the graphics card that will most likely be used is what you’d find in a budget PC gaming laptop. That said, it certainly isn’t something that should be overlooked because it may be the gateway to even more powerful gaming Chromebooks in the future. One thing that is mentioned in the 9 to 5 article is that you should not expect to see these devices anytime soon.

You can already play powerful PC games on your Chromebook

Before the launch of Nvidia GeForce Now a couple of years ago. If I wanted to play a PC Game that had advanced graphics I would have needed to use my Windows PC. My Windows PC was pretty powerful when I first bought it, and it includes a 6GB Nvidia Graphics card.

I was rather amazed when I first used Nivida GeForce Now on my Chromebook. I did not have much hope that the gaming experience would be as good on a Chromebook compared to a Windows gaming PC. How wrong was I, the gaming experience was far superior. The good news is you don’t even need a powerful ChromeOS computer, as I’ve managed to play games using Nvidia Geforce Now on my budget Chromebook.

The only thing you need to have a good gaming experience is a solid internet connection. Also, I’d recommend using an external mouse rather than the trackpad. Although the trackpad experience has improved a lot over time, it’s still far easier to use an external mouse. So if you’re considering gaming on a Chromebook at the moment, I’d strongly suggest using Nvidia GeForce Now because it works amazingly well.