A Chromebook for just $99 at BestBuy this Black Friday

I’m amazed that this Black Friday you can get your hands on a brand new Chromebook for just $99. That’s a massive saving of $219.00 off the recommended price. Sure, it’s a budget laptop, but you really can’t expect much else at this price.

This is what I love about Chrome OS. It’s nothing to do with Chromebooks being cheaper than other types of computers. The days where you could argue Chromebooks are cheap are long gone. Today, you can spend just as much on a Chromebook as you would on a Microsoft Windows laptop.

The difference is if you bought a Microsoft Windows laptop for $99. I can assure you the experience you’d get would be absolutely awful. That’s because MS Windows likes to use as much processing power and RAM as possible. Not because it’s a more powerful operating system. It’s more to do with it being poorly managed by Microsoft and their operating system needs to work with so many different types of hardware.

A $99 Chromebook still offers decent performance

This is the total opposite when you consider Chrome OS. You can buy a Chromebook for $99 and be confident you’ll be able to use it. This is one of the reasons why Chromebooks are so popular. Many people love the idea you can get a laptop for under $250/£250.

asus cx22na chassis
The Asus CX22NA looks cool with its slate-grey finish

If you want the very best of what Chrome OS offers. Then I would possibly avoid a budget device. You’ll definitely get a better experience from the mid-range models available. That being said, if you’re looking for a laptop to mainly surf the internet and use the occasional Android App. A budget Chromebook will offer everything you need.

Although Chrome OS has advanced dramatically in the last ten years. It’s still extremely lightweight when it comes to using your computer’s resources. This means a $99 Chromebook is still going to easily cope with internet surfing, word processing, social media, and streaming movies. You’ll not find a laptop as cheap using another operating system that could do this. Well, you would, but it would be so slow and utterly frustrating to use.

The $99 Asus CX22NA Chromebook

The first thing you’ll notice about the $99 Asus Chromebook is how it looks. You’d expect it to look pretty tacky at the price. However, this is not the case at all. Sure, it’s an all-plastic affair but it looks like any other laptop. It’s also super slim and compact, so perfect if you’re looking for a laptop to use on the move.

The Intel Celeron processor is more than capable of coping with the basics. The 4GB of RAM is all you need for the basic tasks this Chromebook was designed for. If you’re unsure how much RAM you need. Have a read of how much RAM you need for a Chromebook.

It comes with 32 GB of storage. When you consider the price of this laptop this isn’t too bad. You’ll still be able to install around twenty to thirty Android Apps without running out of space. This will depend on the type of apps you’re looking to install because they do vary in size. Providing you save all your other files in the cloud. Then you’ll be fine.

Asus CX22NA display

The display size of 11.6-inches is perfect if you’re looking for a small laptop. Personally speaking, I prefer smaller laptops if you’ll be taking this laptop away from home. It comes with a Standard definition of 1,366 x 768, which is fine for this display size. Find out more about the type of display to look for when buying a Chromebook.

Asus CX22NA Chromebook
Asus CX22NA Chromebook

One thing you do need to prepare for when buying a cheap laptop is the display quality. Unfortunately, there really isn’t a way of getting around it. Most cheap laptops whether you’re buying a Chromebook or other type of laptop. Will usually come with a TN panel. Perfectly usable, but viewing angles aren’t great.

If the display quality is important to you. Then I would look for a Chromebook with an IPS panel. They offer much better viewing angles and colours are more true to life. If you want to see a comparison between the two. I’ve created a YouTube video, which shows the difference between a TN and IPS panel.


If you need a laptop but you’re on a tight budget. Then you really can’t go wrong with this deal. At the price, you’d expect to be presented with one ugly laptop. However, that isn’t the case here. It looks perfectly fine and the grey chassis looks pretty cool.

If you’re interested. Then you’ll need to act fast as this is a Black Friday deal. Head on over to BestBuy for more information on this $99 Chromebook. Who would have thought you could buy a brand new laptop for $99 in 2021. It’s crazily good.