A Chromebook and an Android phone is the best combination

A few years ago Chrome OS got an upgrade that many people were delighted about; the ability to install Android apps on your Chromebook. This massively increased the functionality of your Chromebook, as you had thousands of apps you could now use on your Chrome OS device.

In the last year, we’ve seen updates to Chrome OS that make using a Chromebook and an Android phone the perfect combination. Not everyone who owns a Chromebook will necessarily own an Android phone. If you do you’ll find communicating between your phone and Chromebook offers a lot of extra functionality.

I’m not saying for one second if you don’t own an Android phone that you should if using Chrome OS. As I totally understand some users may use an Apple phone instead. However, you get a lot more from your technology if you stick with one provider.

Apple or Google user

If you’re an Apple user you most likely use all of their products, which is the best option for you. At the same time, if you own a Google product it’s much better to use their products. As both Google and Apple work hard to make their products work together seamlessly.

Although it’s perfectly possible to use a Chromebook and an iPhone together. You’ll get a lot more functionality from your Chromebook and phone if both use a Google OS. Therefore, if you want the best experience from your tech it’s best to own an Android phone if you use Chrome OS.

I used to own an Apple iPhone and iPod when they were originally launched many years ago. After buying my first Chromebook in 2011. It wasn’t long before I realised owning an Apple phone and iPod didn’t really work if I wanted to use Chrome OS. It was the fact I couldn’t use iTunes on Chrome OS that made me realise I had a decision to make.

I decided on Google

After realising how easy to use my first Chromebook was, which was an absolute delight after using a Microsoft computer for many years. It wasn’t a difficult decision to switch all my tech to Google.

Having a mixture of Google products and Apple products can work just fine, but you will come up against compatibility issues. I’m all for making tech work for me and I want the most seamless possible experience when using it.

The only way I could do this was to slowly transfer over to Google. I didn’t miss my iPhone at all as there were many decent Android phones to choose from. I did, however, miss my iPod because the sound quality was absolutely amazing. Much better than what I could achieve with my Android phone at the time.

Chrome OS continues getting better with Android phones

There are already plenty of reasons to use an Android phone if you own a Chromebook. Such as Nearby Share, which makes transferring files from your phone to your laptop really easy.

The ability to use your phone’s internet connection when out and about is also a seamless experience. It’s much easier to share your phone’s internet connection with your Chromebook rather than using the standard tethering route.

Just these two options alone make my life much easier. You’ve also got features such as replying to text messages directly from your laptop or sharing WiFi passwords between devices. Yes, Google is working hard to make Chrome OS and Android even more integrated than ever before.


The battle between Apple and Google continues. Both are working hard to make sure their users get a much better experience when using their products. Apple has been doing this for years, which is one of the reasons why many people use Apple.

You cannot beat the experience you’ll get when you choose to use tech that talks with each other. If you own a Chromebook then owning an Android phone will offer a much better experience. This will be even more true in the future, as Google continues to work to make your Chromebook and Android phone work together in harmony.