Everything you need to know about Chrome OS, the Chromebook, and Chromebox

Why I could not live without my Chromebox

Why I could not live without my Chromebox

When Chrome OS first arrived in 2011 the only computer running the OS was the Chromebook. I’ve owned many Chromebooks, and still own a couple of them today. However, my favourite Chrome OS computer by far is my Asus Chromebox 3. A little outdated today, so if you’re looking for a Chromebox in 2022. I’d … Read more

HP vs Lenovo – Who will sell the most Chromebooks in 2022

HP vs Lenovo - who will sell more Chromebooks in 2022

When it comes to Chromebooks HP has been there from the very beginning. In fact, the first-ever Chromebook I bought in 2011 was made by HP. It’s no surprise that HP sells a lot of Chrome OS computers because they continue to offer us some great devices. Because of this HP has been the manufacturer … Read more

Customising your Chromebook with Chrome OS flags

Chrome OS flags to customise your Chromebook

One thing you may not be too happy about when it comes to Chrome OS is customisation. Compared to all the other operating systems available. It definitely is the one with the least customisation options. There is a reason for this, which is to ensure Chrome OS stays extremely lightweight. By keeping Chrome OS lightweight … Read more

Chrome OS and the Chromebook get off to a great start in 2022

2022 will be a great year for the Chromebook

I say this almost every year, and I’ll continue saying it because I love Chrome OS, the Chromebook, and Chromebox so much. It’s the reason why I started this blog back in 2018. At that time the Chromebook was massively misunderstood. Don’t get me wrong it still is, but these misunderstandings are thankfully declining as … Read more