Everything you need to know about Chrome OS, the Chromebook, and Chromebox

The Chromebook is still massively misunderstood

The Chromebook is still misunderstood

I’ve owned a Chromebook since they were originally launched in 2011. I started this blog in 2018 to try and spread the message about how great Chrome OS is. I appreciate it takes time to change how people think about things. However, I find it frustrating that a lot of people still don’t get the … Read more

Budget Chromebooks are more popular than ever

Budget Chromebooks are more popular than ever

When the Chromebook was originally released in 2011 the only type you could buy was the budget variety. Fast forward a few years and we saw many medium-spec Chromebooks become available. These offered better specs and were a preferred choice for Android Apps. The launch of Android apps on the Chromebook was one of the … Read more